Seven Spanish Angels by Stephen Graham Jones and Dzanc Books – Special Offer

As you may have heard Dzanc Books signed Stephen Graham Jones to a three book deal, one of which is the long awaited Seven Spanish Angels.

SYNOPSIS: Life isn’t easy in El Paso, Texas. Neither is death. Caught between them is crime-scene tech in-training Marta Villarreal, trying to work a case that may very well be her last. And she’s having to work it without her assigned homicide escort, who’s also kind of her boyfriend, and would look a lot more innocent if he would just come in, answer some questions about all these dead girls. Have the Juarez murders come north of the border now, or is it a copycat? And, why these women, why now? For as long as Marta can remember, the El Paso sun has baked the ground into a hard shell, so the dead can’t climb out. Not this week, though. This week the dead are all over town. And Marta may be among them.

It will be released as an eBook this August but for special fans and friends of Stephen here is a deal direct from the man at the top of Dzanc Books, Dan Wickett:

The July selection for our eBook club is going to be Seven Spanish Angels.  And we’re doing two things with it:

a)  making it exclusive to the eBook club for that first month—it won’t be for sale anywhere else, including our website, until August 1, so the only way to get it before then is via the eBook Club.

b)  setting up a special deal for SGJ fans for the eBook Club.  We now have a bunch of different ways you can join, but for this offer in particular, we’ve set up a hidden url.

Where we now have as our basic deal, $55 for one full year, we are chopping that to $50 from this url.  So, basically, anybody purchasing this link is getting SSA for free, and getting it July 1 and not having to wait longer for it.

So head over now and snatch that up. If you don’t have a Kindle, now may be the time. But you can also download the Kindle app and read this book on your computer so NO EXCUSES! All of the details are up at the Dzanc site, just follow the link.

Stephen Graham Jones and Dzanc Books announce three book rEprint deal.

Dzanc Books has great taste, it seems. Not only did they sign Stephen Graham Jones to a two book deal for the distant future, with Flushboy in 2013 and Not For Nothing in 2014, but NOW they’ve announced a three book deal for their rEprint program, putting All the Beautiful Sinners (one of my all-time favorite SGJ novels) and The Long Trial of Nolan Dugatti into the eworld, BUT ALSO the never before seen Seven Spanish Angels.

If you aren’t a fan of SGJ and don’t know what he’s about, well, then wake up son, where you been? I reviewed two of his books over at The Nervous Breakdown (find The Ones That Got Away HERE and It Came From Del Rio HERE) and have been a long time fan of his work.

Hop on board folks. I may have just bought a Kindle.