Complete List of Stories in Print


Here is a complete list of all of my stories that are in print, or digital only format.
It’s in reverse chronological order. Enjoy!

UPDATED: October 19, 2018

Chiral Mad 4: An Anthology of Collaborations—”Golden Sun” novelette
with Damien Angelica Walters, Michael Wehunt, and Kristi DeMeester
(Written Backwards)

Gorgon: Stories of Emergence—“Undone” (Pantheon)


Lost Highways: Dark Fictions from the Road—“Requital” (Crystal Lake Publishing)


Where Nightmares Come From: The Art of Storytelling in the Horror Genre
“Storytelling Techniques” (non-fiction)
(Crystal Lake Publishing)

Deciduous Tales (Debut Issue) – “Nodus Tollens”


Behold: Oddities Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders – “Hiraeth”
(Crystal Lake Publishing)


The Soul Standard – Golden Geese (novella) (Dzanc Books)

soul standard cover(1)
Blue Monday Review, Vol. 3, No. 2 – “How Not to Come Undone”

BMR copy
Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories – “Repent” (Crystal Lake Publishing)

Tribulations (Crystal Lake Publishing / Cemetery Dance)

Chiral Mad 3 – “The Offering on the Hill” (Written Backwards)

Blue Monday Review, Vol. 2, No. 3 – “Twenty Reasons to Stay and One to Leave”

Gaia: Shadow & Breath Vol. 2 – “Asking for Forgiveness” (Pantheon Magazine)


Slave Stories – “From Within” (Omnium Gatherum)

Cemetery Dance #72 – “Chasing Ghosts”

XIII: Stories of Transformation – “Chrysalis” (Resurrection House)

XIII_coverLitro UK #138 – “Little Red Wagon”

LitroUK138 LitroSpread

Truth or Dare? – “Shackled to the Shadows” (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing)

22 More Quick Shivers – “Homecoming” (Daily Nightmare)

Dead Harvest – “Bringing in the Sheaves” (Scarlett Galleon Publications)

Qualia Nous – “The Jenny Store” (Written Backwards)

Pantheon Magazine (Ares Issue) – “The God of War”

Penumbra Magazine (Pain Issue) – “Balance Sheet”

Horror 101: This Way Forward – essay,
“The Journey of ‘Rudy Jenkins Buries His Fears'”
(Crystal Lake Publishing)

Shadows Over Main Street – “White Picket Fences”
(Hazardous Press / Cutting Block Books)

Gaia: Shadow and Breath – “Flowers for Jessica” (Pantheon Magazine)

Vignettes from the End of the World  – “This is How It Ends, My Love.”

Pantheon Magazine (Aphrodite Issue) – “Rapture”

Trouble in the Heartland – “Because the Night” (Gutter Books)

Pantheon Magazine (Dionysus Issue) – “Head Like a Hole”

Chiral Mad 2 – “Playing With Fire” (Written Backwards)

Fear the Reaper – “The Culling” (Crystal Lake Publishing)

Fear the Reaper FB version
Best of the Horror Society 2013 – “Victimized”

Reloaded: Both Barrels, Volume 2 – “Trinity” (One Eye Press)

Bleed – “Death Knell” (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing)

Cipher Sisters – “Dance, Darling” (Thunderdome Press)

Booked Anthology – “Surrender” (Booked Podcast)

Staring into the Abyss (Kraken Press)

Daddy Cool – “Bloodline” (Artistically Declined Press)

Best of Surreal Grotesque – “Vision Quest”

Midwestern Gothic – “Garage Sales”

Arcadia Magazine – “Chrysalis”


Sanitarium Magazine – “Bringing in the Sheaves”

Weird Fiction Review – “Flowers for Jessica”

Into the Darkness – “The Wastelands” (Necro Publications)

Nova Parade – “On a Bent Nail Head” (Solarcide)

Terror Scribes – “Transmogrify” (Dog Horn Publishing)

One Buck Horror – “Wicker Park Pause”

Gargoyle Magazine – “Tinkering With the Moon”


Curbside Splendor – “Divining”

Slices of Flesh – “Rudy Jenkins Buries His Fears” (Dark Moon Books)

In Search of a City: Los Angeles in 1,000 Words – “The Jenny Store” (Thunderdome Press)

Dark Moon Digest Presents: Vampires! – “Transmogrify” (Dark Moon Books)

Warmed and Bound – “Say Yes to Pleasure” (Velvet Press)

Speedloader – “Herniated Roots” (Snubnose Press)


Shivers VI – “Stillness” (Cemetery Dance)



Interview Up At Mourning Goats. The Goat Asks Me 20 Questions.

So, I finally got the call. I made the big leagues! Mourning Goats has been doing interviews with some of the most compelling, visionary, and talented authors out there—so many of my idols, mentors and peers. I’m thrilled that I got to sit down with the smelly beast and answer some of the most thoughtful and challenging questions of my career. They obviously did their homework. I join the ranks of Stephen Graham Jones, Monica Drake, Craig Clevenger, Paul Tremblay, Chelsea Cain, Donald Ray Pollock, Lidia Yuknavitch, Joe Lansdale, Nik Korpon, Rob Roberge, Megan Abbott, Brian Evenson, Holly Goddard Jones, Paula Bomer, Cheryl Strayed, Shya Scanlon, Craig Wallwork, and so many others.

Midwestern Gothic #9 is out, with my story “Garage Sales”

Midwestern Gothic #9 is NOW OUT, and it includes my story “Garage Sales.” I wrote this story as part of my thesis at Murray State University. At one point, I took a paragraph from the middle of the story, and pulled it to the front, and that’s where this story came from. The FIRST version, was published as “Tinkering With the Moon” in Gargoyle. As for this story, I didn’t realize that everyone writes a garage sale or yard sale story at some point in their life. That whole Raymond Carver “Why Don’t You Dance” moment. My story involved a newly divorced mother and her son, and what happens when they bond over the garage sales that litter their suburban neighborhood. Yes, there is a giant plastic lobster. Yes, they fill their living room with sand. Why not pick up MWG9 and see what else happens!

Complete List of Online Interviews with Richard Thomas

This is a list of all of the interviews that I’ve done online over
the years, in reverse chronological order.

Last Updated: October 16, 2017


At Gaheena and Hinnom by Joe Mynhardt (10/16/17)

At Crystal Lake Publishing by Joe Mynhardt (7/25/17)

At Dwarf + Giant by Mackenzie Kiera (6/1/17)

At Crystal Lake Publishing by Joe Mynhardt (5/20/17)

Author Spotlight at 13Dark by Joseph Sale (4/20/17)

At STORGY by Joseph Sale (1/1/2017)

At Shotgun Honey by Ron Earl Phillips (2/28/16)

At The Lit Pub by Megan Paonessa (2/22/16)

At Across the Margin podcast by Tristan Kneschke

At Pantheon Magazine by Sarah Read (2/19/16)

At Splatterhouse5 by Adrean Messmer (2/13/16)

At Larina Warnock’s Blog (2/13/16)

At Starburst by PM Buchan (2/11/16)

At the Drinking with Jason (Brant) podcast (2/10/16)

At Dead End Follies by Benoit Lelievre (2/10/16)

At My Bookish Ways by Kristin Centorcelli (2/10/16)

At The Martin Lastrapes Show podcast (2/8/16)

At The Darkness Dwells podcast with Jason White (2/8/16)

At Goreyesque by Todd Summar (2/8/16)

At Dread Central by Brent R. Oliver (2/5/16)

At Bizarro Central by Jeremy C. Shipp (2/5/15)

At This is Horror podcast by Michael Wilson & Bob Pastorella (2/3/16)

At Arcadia by Chase Dearinger (2/2/16)

At Horror Tree by Stuart Conover (2/1/16)

At Cultured Vultures by Jay Slayton-Joslin (2/1/16)

At Entropy by Peter Tieryas (2/1/16)

At This is Horror podcast with Michael Wilson & Dan Howarth (1/25/16)

At Mangled Matters by Justin Hamelin (9/17/15)

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At Kari Wolfe’s Blog by Kari Wolfe (6/5/15)

At Thrillers With Attitude by LG Thomson (6/4/15)

At LitReactor by Keith Rawson (5/26/15)

At Hellnotes with Gordon White (Deep Cuts, “Asking for Forgiveness”) (3/13/15)

At This is Horror podcast (THREE of THREE) by Michael Wilson & Dan Howarth (2/24/15)

At This Is Horror podcast (TWO of THREE) by Michael Wilson & Dan Howarth (2/17/15)

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At Hellnotes with Gordon White (11/21/14)

At Writing in a Dead World by Raymond Esposito (6/3/14)

At My Bookish Ways by Kristin Centorcelli (5/1/14)

At This Is Horror by Michael Wilson & Dan Howarth (1/15/14)

At The Time Warriors by Owen Quinn (12/10/13)

At Radikal News by Renato Bratkovic (12/2/13)

At Cease, Cows by Heather L. Nelson (9/12/13)

At Solarcide by Martin Garrity (6/7/2013)

At Mourning Goats by The Goat (5/10/2013)

At Ginger Nuts of Horror by Jim Mcleod (4/4/2013)

At Midwestern Gothic by Robert James Russell (4/2/2013)

At The Qwillery by Sally Janin (3/22/2013)

At Unnecessary Musings by J.A. Beard (3/15/2013)

At Creative Writing Help by Tracey Tressa (3/8/2013)

At Leah Rhyne’s blog by Leah Rhyne (2/22/2013)

At Out of the Gutter by Ryan Sayles (10/11/2012)

At The Slaughterhouse by Richard Godwin (4/30/2012)

At Slit Your Wrists Magazine by Laurance Kitts (4/14/2012)

At Jay Slayton-Joslin’s blog by Jay Slayton-Joslin (2/15/2012)

At Solarcide by Nathan Pettigrew (1/26/2012)

At Sea Minor by Nigel Bird (6/21/2011)

At PANK by Roxane Gay (4/22/2011)

At Yahoo Voices by Brian Alaspa (2/8/2011)

At Leodegraunce by Jolie du Pre (1/3/2011)

At The Write Place by Simon West-Bulford (10/28/2010)

At Word Riot by Pela Via (10/15/2010)

At 3:AM Magazine by Gregory Frye (9/28/2010)

At Bitten by Books by Rachel Smith (7/19/2010)

At The Cult by Brandon Tietz (3/30/2010)

At Craig Wallwork’s blog by Craig Wallwork (1/26/2009)