New Storyville Columns—UPDATE!

  Boy, I’ve been bad about updating my Storyville columns. So, here is an update, all of the new columns in one list. Enjoy! Storyville 19 Happy Not Sappy Storyville 20 Where To Submit Your Stories Storyville 21 My 10 Favorite Short Stories Storyville 22 Writing Dialogue Storyville 23 Best American Short Stories—Resource Storyville 24 […]

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Complete List of Online Interviews with Richard Thomas

This is a list of all of the interviews that I’ve done online over the years, in reverse chronological order. (Last Updated: February 24, 2022) At Lovecraft eZine with Mike Davis (6/5/22) At MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape (2/24/22) At Third Coast Review (2/22/22) At Paul Semel’s website (2/21/22) At Cease, Cows (2/11/22) At The Podcast (2/7/22) At […]

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My review of Vampire Conditions by Brian Allen Carr is up at The Nervous Breakdown

My review is now live at The Nervous Breakdown. But don’t let the title fool you, Vampire Conditions by Brian Allen Carr is not about teeth, and bats and the homesteads of pale night fliers. These stories will drain you, emotionally, and leave you spent, but alive. In a good way.

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