My story “Dyer” is now live up at Beat to a Pulp

Several years ago, in the middle of my MFA program, I decided to experiment with form. I’d just seen the movie Rashomon by Akira Kurosawa, and thought to myself that you could write one hell of a good story if you told four perspectives on a lost evening out in the Indiana dunes. “Dyer” is the result. Special thanks for David Cranmer and Beat to a Pulp for taking this story. I’m honored to be up on the site and in such good company, alongside authors like David James Keaton, Frank Bill, Matthew C. Funk, Cameron Ashley, Hilary Davidson, Chris F. Holm, Dave Zeltserman, and John Hornor Jacobs.

My review of Cape Cod Noir (Akashic Books) is now live at The Cult

I know, the first thought out of your head must be, Cape Cod? What the hell does Cape Cod have to do with noir? Well, quite a lot it turns out. When you have an elite upper class that is butting up against a beaten down working class, long time residents dealing with obnoxious tourists with a sense of entitlement, things are going to boil over. This collection, Cape Cod Noir from Akashic Books is edited by David L. Ulin who does an excellent job of wrangling a strong mix of authors, including one of my favorite authors going, Paul Tremblay. They’ve put out some 40+ versions on noir such as Chicago Noir, Baltimore Noir, New York Noir, etc. and each book brings you local authors or writers with a unique perspective on a city and its people. Read my full review up at The Cult.