“Chasing Ghosts” out now in Cemetery Dance #72 – with Stephen King!

Okay, not only did my story, “Chasing Ghosts” come out in Cemetery Dance #72 today, but guess who is in there with me? STEPHEN KING! This will be the THIRD time I’ve published alongside him. What a thrill. Honored to be in here with SK, as well as the rest of the authors.This has been […]

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Complete List of Stories in Print

Here is a complete list of all of my stories that are in print, or digital only format. It’s in reverse chronological order. Enjoy! UPDATED: July 27, 2021 SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION (Turner Publishing / Keylight Books) IN FILTH IT SHALL BE FOUND “The Keeper of the Light” (Outcast Press) LIMINAL STORIES “Rotten to the Core” […]

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