Book Covers: Work Edited and/or Published by Richard Thomas

I wanted to start a list of the beautiful book covers that I’ve either edited or published or both. I hope you enjoy the art and if you want more information, I’ve included links to Amazon, for those books that are already on the website. They are in reverse chronological order. UPDATED: July, 2016 Scratch […]

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Complete list of book reviews by Richard Thomas

This is a list of all of my current, live book reviews. It is in reverse chronological order by web site. Last updated 3/22/15. Entropy Ugly Girls by Lindsay Hunter Bird Box by Josh Malerman Spent by Antonia Crane The Nervous Breakdown In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods by […]

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My story “Kiss Off” is now live at Emprise Review.

My story “Kiss Off” is now live at Emprise Review. How do these things happen, I often wonder. Maybe I was issued a challenge, maybe I was just listening to Pandora one day and an old Violent Femmes song came on and I thought “Damn, this is a good song.” As I nodded my head […]

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