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Colored Chalk #9 is LIVE – Heaven and Hell

I’m very excited to post this up. Such a great group of writers. Thanks Jason Heim for all of the web work, and to Mark Wilkinson for his beautiful cover (http://www.the-masque.com/) I just wanted to take one moment to talk about the fantastic writers involved: Zsa Zsa – she was a very misunderstood soul and […]

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Mark Wilkinson

So I discovered Mark on http://www.deviantart.com searching for a cover for the upcoming issue of Colored Chalk #9 – Heaven and Hell. He really does some amazing work. I’m very excited to use some of his latest work for the upcoming cover. He has a book of his art coming out soon, so if you […]

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Colored Chalk #6 – Waking Up Strange

Since I didn’t have any writing in here, I didn’t post this up under short stories, but I should have this up here anyway, since I edited and designed it, and obviously love every author in here. Such a great list of authors: Caleb J. Ross – always a very strong writer, wide range of […]

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